The Guidance Center

The Guidance Center envisions being the leading unit of the College in the holistic development of an individual, inspiring the youth see their inner potential and induce positive outlook in life. As a resource of the College, it endeavors to assist the individual in finding meaning to his/her existence with the nurturance of the mind, body, and spirit upholding the College’s fervor for faith, service, and character.

Programs & Services 


Professional and trained counselors are available to help students with various issues they experience in college. Counselors aim to help students promote personal growth and self-actualization.

Services include:

Face-to-face personal counseling

Peer counseling through Peer Support Program (PSP)

Academic counseling/follow-up

Group counseling/ support group

Walk-in or referral counseling

Your time in counseling is valued and treated with utmost confidentiality. Any information shared is dealt with properly, and is shared only with the student’s permission.

Hours and Appointments

Counseling Services is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m.—5:00 pm. Schedule outside the regular office hours/ weekday is possible provided that prior appointment is made through the Guidance and Counseling Office, or send text or call the numbers indicated in this brochure.


The in-take interview is the first interview a college student will have with the guidance counselor. This is conducted to college freshmen only. Student will have the opportunity to share the changes that transpire during his/her first few experiences in college and what are the needs to be undertaken to fully adjust in the new environment. If there are pressing needs or concerns that the student would like to raise, this is a venue for the student to make an appointment for counseling.


Exit interview is focused on graduating students that are soon to leave college life and will face new beginning in their career. The purpose of this exit interview is to gain feedback from graduating students in order to improve aspects of the academe i.e. instruction, curriculum, facilities and better services.


Testing service is utilized for informational purposes to help both the counselor, teacher and the student gain better plan of action for the student’s self-awareness and improvement. The following types of tests are available:

Intelligence or Scholastic Ability Tests

Aptitude Tests

Personality Tests

Administration of test for a particular year level, testing program is scheduled once or twice every school year. Please see your Guidance Office for details.


Preparing students for a career in the future is one of the main purposes of the Guidance Center. Through this, students are assisted in securing an effective relationship between students and a career, or to the next step in their educational, vocational or personal goals.

Services Includes:

Career Counseling

Choosing a Major Seminar

Pre-internship Seminar

Job Basic Entry Skills Seminar (JBES)

Job Fair. Etc.


This program is accessed by college freshmen in the two semesters stay in college.  It aims to provide students the opportunity to learn about self-awareness, interpersonal relationships and coping skills in college through structured learning experiences facilitated by the peer counsellors.


Individual students are affected by difficulties and stresses brought by various external and internal factors in which they sometimes need of a friend or a peer to support them. Through peer support program an early intervention strategy may be provided by trained PEERLink members to students seeking help for distress. Special cases may be referred to the professional counsellor.