Congratulations to the following Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business (BSAB) and Bachelor in Agricultural Technology (BAT) graduates who passed the November 2019 Licensure Examination for Agriculturists (LEA):

1. Almorato , Mario Jr. S.
2. Bernaldez, Kimberly V.
3. Botante, Jay Mark D.
4. Candidier, Benje C.
5. Cristobas, Precious Ruby F.
6. Gesulga, Peddie Jr. V.
7. Vildosola, Rsel Joey B.

SCC Passing Rate (First Takers): 63.64%
SCC Overall Passing Rate: 53.85%
National Passing Rate: 41.05%

Kudos also to the College of Agriculture!

Your SCC family is very proud of you!