SCC, Lead the Way!
(Adopted from Royal Banner, Lyrics by: Dr. Eliezer D. Mapanao)

All ye sons and daughters, sound the jubilee
For our Alma Mater dear;
Raise the flag of service, faith and loyalty.
Sing man’s hope with accent clear.

SCC, lead the way
Till truth and justice crown our day;
In your service claim all our aim
To serve the plan of God for all.

In the halls of learning, in the fields of toil
You imbued us with a dream;
That in want or woe, our hopes need not recoil,
For the Lord our cause redeem. (Refrain)

With glad hearts and minds and gift of willing hands;
In your service we unite;
In the fight for freedom when the cause demands;
Offer we our lives and light. (Refrain)

Faithful thou hast been through all these many years,
And a thousand sing thy praise;
Now, we breathe our hopes and sing our fervent prayers,
That the Lord thy days shall bless. (Refrain)

SCC Song

In the deep green fields of Midsayap
Stands a school so brave and true;
Others may like other color,
But for us it’s blue and gold
Let all our troubles be forgotten.
Let college spirit rule;
Well join and give our loyal efforts
For the good of our dear school


Ours is a great school
This Christian College
The Pride of every Human heart;
Come on ye fellows, join us in chorus,
It’s for the blue and gold we cheer.
Hold high the banner with all it splendor,
Proclaim to all o’er land and sea,
We serve the right and stand for Truth, our Light
So, Southern Christian College, Hail
(Repeat Chorus)