Southern Christian College envisions itself as a premier community-serving Christian University that is a center of academic excellence and a champion of whole-person education. 


Southern Christian College, as a church education institution, commits to:

  1. produce globally competent servant-leaders who are instruments of social transformation
  2. provide relevant and holistic education grounded on faith, character, and service
  3. build a sharing and caring society that loves God, respects the diverse Filipino heritage, advocates justice, freedom, and peace, and promotes agro-industrial development toward a balanced ecology that enhances the quality of life
  4. respect the faith perspectives of its stakeholder and support the aims and goals of the ecumenical and interfaith movements.


To realize its Mission, Southern Christian College aims to:

  1. develop dynamic leaders and managers who follow God’s teaching and continue to seek more meaningful values of faith, service and character;
  2. institutionalize an educational system that ensures the development of students who are competent, liberated, empowered, and responsive to the needs of humanity;
  3. increase outputs and innovations in research and extension program that contributes to social and economic development;
  4. provide a work environment that supports the development of diverse faculty and staff;
  5. strengthen the quality assurance system;
  6. strengthen alumni support; and
  7. improve the financial health of the institution.


To achieve the VMG of the institution, we resolve to live by the following values:

Faith. We commit ourselves to continually strengthen our relationship with God and be Christ-like in thoughts, words and deeds.

Character. We uphold integrity, fortitude and selflessness.

Service. We advance the scholarship of engagement, endeavor to be of service to others, build strong ties with partners, and empower and transform communities.


Southern Christian College seeks a life of Christian faith, learning and action that will develop people into becoming intellectually competent and honest, morally and ethically sensitive, creatively aware and responsive to the needs, aspirations, and realization of a just, free, and responsible social order.


Southern Christian College commits to whole-person education, making every graduate of the College:

Intellectually Competent and Honest. The graduates of SCC are critical thinkers, analysts and decision-makers. They can express themselves in both oral and written communication in any context and use technology to its optimum.

Socially and Culturally Sensitive. The graduates of SCC demonstrate respect, acceptance and appreciation of the diverse Mindanao culture. They manifest their commitment and accountability to contribute to the holistic development of people, organizations and communities and improve the wider society.

Research-Capable. The SCC graduates exhibit their commitment to generating new knowledge and ideas geared towards sustainable development. These ideas are shared to respond to pressing needs and social issues in society.

Service-Oriented. The graduates of SCC are committed to providing excellent service to people and communities with compassion and empathy beyond the call of duty or beyond the scope of one’s job description.

Lifelong Learner. The SCC graduates manifest their commitment to improving themselves concerning their profession through further education and continuing search for knowledge and relevant experiences.




The SCC logo is the emblem of the institution. It is made up of two concentric circles. The words “SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, Midsayap, Cotabato, PHILIPPINES”, are inscribed between the two concentric circles. In the inner circle lies a triangle inscribed with the institution’s ideals or core values. At its base is the word, FAITH and at each of the sides thereof, the words, CHARACTER and SERVICE. Inside the triangle is an open Bible symbolizing the Christian faith. On the background is the map of Mindanao, symbolizing the communities that the College serves. The emblem also reflects the College’s colors, blue and gold and its year of establishment, 1949.