SMART Communications Inc. grants Southern Christian College free office supplies such as a printer/scanner, toner good for one year, and 60 reams of bond papers. The telecommunications company also gave Talk ‘n Text SIM cards to faculty, staff, and students during the college orientation, which started on August 24, 2020.

          On September 10, 2020, Mr. Mark Anthony Remulta, Community Development Specialist at SMART Communications Inc., officially turned over the office supply freebies to the Office of Student Affairs and Services.

          The network serves as SCC’s partner in disseminating announcements and information via SMS text messaging or known as “Infocast” to reach every student and parent, especially those living far from the school’s location. This is one strategy that the school utilizes to be one step ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak’s challenges.

          The partnership between the network and the institution continues to pave the way to deliver quality service and education to SCC students.