A day of summer-like experience was prepared for the retirees, faculty, and staff of Southern Christian College during the SCC Retirement Program and the Faculty and Staff Recognition on June 13, 2022, at the SCC Fellowship Center.

SCC honored the retiring employees who have been in service for long years. Gifts and messages of appreciation were given to the following:

  Mrs. Dominadora Gerodias, Librarian
  Mrs. Julien E. Posas, CAS faculty
  Mrs. Rennel C. Demonteverde, Bookstore Incharge

Certificates, plaques, and longevity cash bonuses were given to the Service awardees who have been employed at SCC for five to 25 years.

During the event, the faculty and staff from different colleges and units were also recognized for their efforts and services for the entire academic year. Award-giving units also recognized the F/S outstanding library users, perfect attendance for the Monday Morning Devotion, coaches of different student activities and sports events, and advisers of councils and publications.

The program served as a breather for the SCC faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication to serving SCC.