Representing Southern Christian College, the faculty members and students of the College of Social Work garnered multiple awards during the recently concluded Confluence 2.0v, an International Faculty and Student Exchange Program, from September 18 to October 1, 2021. St. Aloysius College Jabalpur, India, hosted the program, and 155 students and higher education teachers from 16 institutions across India, the Philippines, and Indonesia participated in the international event.

     Dean Melody Arandela Ambangan, RSW, MSSW, was declared the Best Resource person for Arts and Humanities Class 1 with her topic “Building Personal Resilience to Face the Effects of Crisis.” She also got the Best Teacher Coordinator Award, the highest award for teacher participants.

     Rhona Fae Nasayre, BSSW 4, was announced as the Top 1 Performing Student in the Arts and Humanities Class 4. At the same time, Lii Antoniette M. Zerda, BSSW 2, ranked Top 2 performing student in the Arts and Humanities Class 1. Meanwhile, in the Arts and Humanities Class 3, Lalaine S. Manalo, BSSW 4, was declared the Top 3 Performing Student.

     In the group category, the SCC student-participants reaped the 3rd spot in the Cultural Event.

     Overall, SCC-CSW ranked as the third top-performing institution after tabulating all of the scores for all events.

Kudos to SCC-College of Social Work delegates:

  1. Melody Arandela Ambangan, RSW, MSSW
  2. Raquel Angelie A. Magaso, RSW
  3. Ihly Gold M. Salon, RSW
  4. Novem Joy D. Alesna
  5. Marlon B. Bingtan
  6. Queenie Mae O. Española
  7. Raquel B. Hervas
  8. Lady Rose R. Guerrero
  9. Lalaine S. Manalo
  10. Rhona Fae P. Nasayre
  11. Lii Antoniette M. Zerda

     All of these would not have been successful without the zeal of the Dean of the College of Social Work, Melody Arandela-Ambangan RSW, MSSW, in leading SCC-CSW towards academic excellence. –Southern Collegian