The second day of the 73rd Founding Anniversary of Southern Christian College was filled with activities participated by the members of the SCC Alumni and Friends Association.

Here’s the wrap of the activities held on October 1, 2022:

1. Free medical, dental, and eye screening services offered by health professionals from the AFA.

2. Mountain Bike Invitational Fun Ride participated by AFA members and families.

3. CBA Alumni and Friends Homecoming held at the Fellowship Center and the Hospitality Management Building.

4. CTE Alumni Homecoming held at the SCC Student Center.

5. Campus Tour for selected alumni batches.

6. Interbatch Basketball Championship Game was also held at the Fellowship Center.

7. Motorcade around town participated by the SCC Administration, Faculty and Staff, Student Councils, and AFA members.

8. Alumni and Friends Night of Fellowship and Music capped the day with live band performances. Invited vloggers and comedians brought entertainment to the participating batches.

Awards were also given to the winning team of the interbatch basketball game.

Photos by Joshua Grace Hurboda, Doc Clyde Tizon & Alfrancis Capa