#CONGRATULATIONS to the following SCCians for winning in the 15th Secondary Mathematics Camp Olympics held in Tulunan National High School, Tulunan, Cotabato on
January 22-24, 2020:

☆SHS Hands-on
☆Rubiks Cube – Blind Fold
☆Rubiks Cube – Team
☆Mathematical Investigation – Teachers Category

☆Mathematical Investigation – Students Category
☆Francis John Demetillo – Rubiks Cube (One Hand)

☆Kenneth John Tenizo – SHS Damath Polynomials

🏅Individual Quiz (IN THE LIST – TOP SCORERS)
☆First Place – Michel Jay Matos (SHS)
☆Third Place – Nicola Joy Galagar (SHS)
Chris Jayrald Nunez (G7)
☆Fifth Place – Rubea Bucol (SHS)
☆Sixth Place – Kristine Mae Lapasaran (SHS)
Andrio Samillano (Teacher)
☆Seventh Place – Bernie Grace Eco (SHS)
☆Ninth Place – Jan Dave Adrian Carbonel (G8)
☆Tenth Place – Janela Kaye Mirambel (G8)
☆Thirteenth Place – Khaycee Lou Cabastante (G9)
☆Fifteenth Place – Jay Lord Tayum (Teacher)

☆Second – Khaycee Lou Cabastante (G9)
☆Third Place – Allyza Mae Ocumen (G9)
☆Fifth Place – Gwyneth Rose Abdul – (G10)

🥇Over-all Champion – Municipality of Midsayap

KUDOS also to all the coaches!

Photos by Najirah Mapundo & Kristian Escasinas