Welcome to your second home, SCC freshmen! We are blessed you came and chose SCC as your school of choice!

Recalling the key message of our President Dr. Edwin T Balaki, let us all embody the fruit of true learning – change – and let us be educated to change the world for the better.

At SCC, your time will not just be incorporated with academic excellence but also with faith, service and character.

The academic momentum and the now-ablaze SCC spirit you have ignited earlier today during the Freshmen Orientation at the Fellowship Center marks the fiery start of your academic journey towards excellence as you achieve your goal at SCC.

Southern Christian College also sends its gratitude to the following sponsors that made the students more excited to start this year’s academic journey:


✅️ Salera Gee Couture Collections

✅️ VirCris Mountain Resort

✅️ Kisshots FotoStudio

✅️ Iconcept/ Richard Junsay

✅️ Kmj’s Coordination / Jimboy Millan

✅️ Mitch Morejon Cakes

✅️ Vagus Kouzina

✅️ Miranda’s Snack Corner

✅️ Roberto’s

✅️ Esthetics Brew