School Clinic – Objectives

1.  To monitor the health and well being of the students and staff;
2.  To provide medical consultation or referrals as necessary;
3.  To provide emergency medical attention to students and staff;
4.  To administer appropriate medication and treatment;
5.  To assess the health care needs of students including to enforcement of:
a.  Immunization (Hepatitis B. Vaccine, Paneumonia Vaccine, Flu Vaccine and Hepatitis A Vaccine)
b.  Screening of students in need of dental attention.
6.  To provide counseling for chronic illness, mental health, nutritional issues, disease prevention, and healthy lifestyles; and
7.  To identify and eliminate hazards to the health and safety of students and faculty in coordination with other school department.


The School Clinic shall administer a health program based on the assessed health needs of clients in the school community. The School Clinic therefore, shall implement the following specific objectives for the students and employees of the College:

1. Provide adequate number of qualified health care professionals and support staff to carry out health services for the expanding school population;
2.  The health condition of the clients shall be determined by a qualified medical practitioner through physical and laboratory examination;
3. Complaints of illness shall be given the necessary attention or emergency treatment;
4.  There shall be a provision for referral of students who become very ill during school hours; the referral function of the nurse shall be an exercise of paternalism in the absence of the representative of the parents of sick students;
5. The clients shall be accorded the opportunity to seek health counseling where needed;
6.  Health monitoring shall be extended to employees and students when called for to address their health concerns;
7.  Coordinate with school management group in the maintenance of a healthy environment that is conducive to teaching and learning of the SCC community.


The goal of the school’s health care program care is to maintain and promote the health of all members of the SCC community.

Health Services

1. Health screening of incoming students and newly hired employees.
2. Monitoring of annual physical examination of students through attending physician.
3. Annual Dental examination of students.
4. Annual Diagnostic examination and physical examination of employees.
5. Daily consultation.
6. Referral of cases.
7. Render nursing care to admitted patients in the school clinic.
8. Administer medications as ordered.
9. Follow up students and employees with health problem.
10. Render First Aid and Emergency measures.
11. Do daily wound dressing.
12. Health screening of Athletes for the Annual Sportsfest and school’s representatives to athletic competitions outside the campus.
13. Perform ECG to employees and students as needed.
14. Keeps and maintain health records of employees and students.