Smart Communications, Inc. gave free five LTE Pocket Wi-Fis to the College Supreme Government (CSG) of Southern Christian College. The CSG will use the pocket Wi-Fis for future webinar series and student online activities for the current academic calendar year.

        Mr. Mark Remulta, a representative of Smart Communications, Inc., presented the pocket Wi-Fis to Dr. Edwin T. Balaki, SCC President, and Mr. Earl Eugene Castro, CSG President, received the pocket Wi-Fis.

        The CSG President expressed how thankful he is, especially that they prepared a line-up of significant online activities for the students for the incoming semesters.

        The partnership between SCC and Smart Communications, Inc. is also a step getting ahead of the COVID19 challenges since the telecommunications company is helping the school disseminate information, announcements, and advisories through Smart Infocast.