The College of Social Work offers the Bachelor of Science in Social Work (GR No. 008, s. 2009).



The SCC-College of Social Work envisions to be a center of quality education for social work that promotes holistic training for students to respond to the rapid changing needs of local and international communities.


We are committed to hone social work students for professional practice in all possible settings. The College of Social Work is further dedicated to provide critical, inclusive and transformational education in accordance with the policies and standards of the National Association of Social Work Educators Inc. (NASWEI), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).

  1. To respond to pressing needs.
  2. To provide excellent educational foundation for graduates.
  3. To foster result-oriented attitude to faculty members and students.
  4. To value forward-looking and proactive decision-making and planning.
  5. To exercise mindfulness in knowing students’ needs and in recognizing and developing capacities.