The College of Midwifery and Allied Health Sciences offers Diploma in Midwifery (General Midwifery) (GR No. 052, s. 1987), Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (GR No. 060, s. 2012), and Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (GR No. 009, s. 2009).



The College of Midwifery and Allied Health Sciences envisions itself to provide quality training for the holistic development of Midwives and Nutritionist-Dietitians who have appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences through instruction, research and service-learning towards the promotion of excellent maternal, and child care, nutritional status and community health.


CMAHS commits to provide quality and relevant education to Midwifery and Nutrition and Dietetics students to make them globally competitive, socially-culturally sensitive, and service-oriented professionals.

  1. To provide students with appropriate theoretical knowledge and practical trainings in Nutrition and Midwifery within and outside the school campus.
  2. To provide experiences that help develop students’ critical thinking, creativity, and skills.
  3. To train students to be socially-culturally sensitive to the needs of the clients.
  4. To develop graduates who are courteous, honest, active, responsible, morally dedicated, and service-oriented professionals.
  5. To conduct research and trainings in the community.