The College of Business and Accountancy offers the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in Human Resource Development Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management (GR No. 003, s.1985), Bachelor of Science in Office Administration, major in Secretarial Education (GR No. 024, s.1995), Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (GR No. 006, s. 2008), which was converted to Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (CMO No. 62, s. 2017), Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (GR No. 010, s. 2009), Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (GR No. 011, s. 2009), and Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (GR No. 012, s. 2013), which was converted to Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System (CMO No. 30, 2017). The Business Administration and Hospitality Management programs are ACSCU-ACI Accredited.



The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) envisions to produce competitive business professionals in the local and global markets.


The College of Business and Accountancy aims to bring about new breed of business graduates who are ethical, intellectually competent and honest, service-oriented, socially and culturally sensitive, research-capable and lifelong learners.

  1. To provide students with a common foundation of knowledge and understanding of modern business through a core program consisting of general and professional phases of business education.
  2. To equip students with sufficient exposure to related academic instruction and to the realities of the business world.
  3. To provide students with adequate training that will make them employable or enable them to engage in entrepreneurial undertaking.
  4. To provide them the proper motivation for professional growth and personal development.
  5. To develop students with the highest degree of professionalism and be able to deliver services that will meet public interest and in conformity with ethical standards of the profession.