The College of Arts and Sciences offers Liberal Arts program (GR No. 179, s.1966) with majors in English, Filipino, Biology, History, Mathematics and General Education. In 2015, the program was converted into straight programs, the Bachelor of Arts in History (CMO. No. 16, s. 2010), and Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies (CMO No. 24, s. 2017). The Liberal Arts program is ACSCU-ACI accredited.



The College of Arts and Sciences aspires to become a learning and serving college that addresses the needs of the society by meeting the current and emerging trends in science and technology, social sciences, languages and


To achieve this vision, the College is committed to serve and provide effective and relevant instruction, engaging learning and extension activities, discipline-specific skills, and scholarly activities for both faculty and students.


The College of Arts and Sciences will produce graduates who are:

  1. globally competent;
  2. lifelong learners;
  3. leaders and professionals who can meet the needs of the society through public and professional service;
  4. able to engage in researches and generate new knowledge and solution to social problems;
  5. able to think critically and communicate effectively; and
  6. able to respect individual and cultural differences.