The College of Agriculture was established in 1970. It offers Bachelor in Agricultural Technology (GR No. 322, s.1975), and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business programs (GR No. 002, s. 2002). Agricultural Crops Production NC II and Animal Production NC II for ruminants, swine, and poultry-chicken are embedded in the programs offered. The College also oversees the Competency Assessment Center for Agricultural Crops Production NC II, and Animal Production NC II. The Assessment Center is TESDA-Accredited.



The premier College in developing individuals as leaders in the agriculture sector.


The College of Agriculture is committed to the formation and development of well-rounded professionals in agriculture.

  1. To offer programs relevant to the societal needs and to advance knowledge through research and extension work to improve the quality of human life and the environment.
  2. To equip students with abilities needed to make practical applications of theoretical knowledge and develop entry level occupational proficiency or employment related to Agriculture.
  3. To train and prepare young people in technical agriculture for positions such as farm managers, community agriculturist and technicians, supervisors in agribusiness, farm developers, and productive agri-entrepreneurs who are mindful of the proper use of natural resources.