The following are to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office

New Student

  • Form 138-E; no grade lower than 80 (for BEEd and BSEd)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Two (2) copies of 1 x 1 ID pictures


  • Passed the Teachers Aptitude Test (BEEd and BSEd)
  • Admission Exam (BSIT, BSIS, BSCS, Midwifery and BSSW)
  • Honorable Dismissal
  • Official Transcript of Records; or Photocopy of TOR from previous institution for evaluation purposes
  • No grade lower than 2.25 in his Academic Subjects; 2.50 in Non-Academic Subjects


A grade point average of 2.75 (a GPA 2.50, for BEEd and BSEd) with no grade below 2.75. A student who earns a grade of 3.0 has to repeat the subject.

For BEEd and BSEd – GPA of 2.25, no grade lower than 2.50. An Education Student who earns 2.75 has to repeat the subject.

Applicants with Advance Standing

The admission procedure for advance standing students is essentially the same with that of the freshman. The applicant must submit credentials required by Southern Christian College. For credits to be transferred, the school or college should be accredited by the government. Credits earned in technical-vocational schools cannot be credited to a four-year course.

Students should register during enrollment period. Aliens registering for the first time are required to present their Alien Certificate of Residence and other immigration documents.

No applicant shall be enrolled in any course unless he has taken the prerequisite subjects. Proper credentials must also be presented by the transferring student for evaluation.

Cross Registration (Article XIII, Section 70, MPRS)

In general, cross enrollment is discouraged. However, for valid reasons determined by and with the prior written authority of the school he is regularly enrolled in, a student may be permitted to cross enroll in another school for up to normal subject load for the particular term.

The school shall give no credit for any subject taken by any of its student in any other school unless the Registrar on the recommendation of the Dean concerned authorizes it. The authorization shall be in writing specifying the subject authorized.

No student registered in any other school shall be admitted without a written permit from his Registrar. The permit shall state the total number of units for which the student is registered and the subjects that he is authorized to take.

Request for this arrangement must be filed with the Registrar during the enrollment period the total number of credit hours enrolled in both schools must not exceed the normal load per semester in the resident college.

Academic Load

No student is permitted to take more than the required load as prescribed in the curriculum of any course unless given permission by the Dean. Only candidates for graduation at the time may be allowed to carry overload.

No extra load will be allowed during the summer session other than nine (9) units load prescribed by the CHED.

Late Registration/Enrollment

No student will be enrolled after enrollment period specified in the school calendar without approval of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED). A late fine of PhP50.00 will be charged.

 Change of Registration

Students desiring to drop or change subjects or courses must do so within two (2) weeks from the first day of classes with written permission from the Dean and the Registrar. The Treasurer will be notified of the adjustments. Slips are provided are provided by the Registrar’s Office for this purpose.