SCC, Lead the Way

(Adopted from Royal Banner, Lyrics by: Dr. Eliezer D. Mapanao)


All ye sons and daughters, sound the jubilee

For our Alma Mater dear;

Raise the flag of service, faith and loyalty.

Sing man’s hope with accent clear.


Refrain:  SCC, lead the way,

   Till truth and justice crown our day;

  In your service claim all our aim

 To serve the plan of God for all.


In the halls of learning, in the fields of toil

You imbued us with a dream;

That in want or woe, our hopes need not recoil,

For the Lord our cause redeem. (Refrain)


With glad hearts and minds and gift of willing hands;

In your service we unite;

In the fight for freedom when the cause demands;

Offer we our lives and light. (Refrain)


Faithful thou hast been through all these many years,

And a thousand sing thy praise;

Now, we breathe our hopes and sing our fervent prayers,

That the Lord thy days shall bless. (Refrain)




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