Media for Peace Program

Paaralang Pangkapayapaan

Paaralang Pangkapayapaan, is a weekly radio program aired over RMN-DXMY every Saturday, 730-8:00 and Sunday, 6:00-7:00 in the morning.

The radio program is one of the peace initiatives of Southern Christian College in peace building and development. This powerful tool also offers community education to various sectors such as the women, youth and farmers. The program discusses concerns and issues relevant to the urgent needs of our time especially on social and environmental issues. People articulate issues that affect them directly or indirectly. These issues are usually results of a felt need, e.g. poverty, poor health and malnutrition, conflict and natural calamity that tend to impinge on the lives of the people.

SCC Paaralang Pangkapayapaan (School for Peace) Celebrates 12th Anniversary

The 12th anniversary of SCC’s advocacy program for Peace and development, Paaaralang Pangkapayapaan (School for Peace), was very meaningful as it was celebrated with the community in Sitio Baroyon, Brgy. Macabenban, Cotabato on September 21, 2014. This year’s celebration brought joy to the community as we brought early gifts for their generous support paving the way to the success of the advocacy programs of the school. Series of activities were conducted, among which were a Forum on the Draft Bangsamoro Basic Law, Song Writing, Dance Interpretative, Radio Quiz and Painting for Peace Contests. The series of celebration was culminated in the community in time for the International Day of Peace.


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