Student Life

The satisfaction of an educational experience is a result of the interactive process between students and the total college environment. Each is affective of the other. The academic environment therefore should provide programs to serve their need to develop their individuality, their literary judgment, their aesthetic taste, and spiritual identity. In the various student     activities, they should be motivated to develop the qualities of faith, character and service.


Student Activities

Student activities are important to enhance the development of the mind, body, and spirit of the students. All student clubs organizations, societies, associations, etc. are   under the Student Activities Committee, the policy-making body of the student affairs. The director is helped by the faculty adviser of the club/organization. The director, likewise, serves as the administrative liaison of the student groups and the  administration.


Policies for Campus Clubs/Organizations and Activities

Membership in Organization

Only bonafide students of Southern Christian College are qualified to become members of campus clubs/organizations. Advisory in the organizations shall be limited to full-time faculty and/or staff of SCC. A student under strict academic and disciplinary probations cannot be elected to any office. Only   students carrying a regular load prescribed in their curricular year are qualified to become officers. No student shall be a member of more than three campus organizations, council, and publication aside from the class or section organizations. No student shall hold two major positions in campus organizations, council and publications. The major positions referred to are: President (editor), Secretary and Treasurer.

Recognition of Campus Clubs and Organizations

All organizations in the campus should be duly registered and recognized by the Student Activities Committee (SAC). In seeking for recognition, the organizations must submit to the SAC its constitution and by-laws, list of officers and members bearing their corresponding signatures and the action plan for the year. No campus organization is allowed to sponsor any activity if the said organization is not recognized by the SAC. Prescribed forms for registration can be secured from the Student Affairs Office. Recognition of campus organizations shall be done every year. Filing of application must not be later than 5:00 P.M. of the first working day of July of the 1st semester of the school year. New organizations shall be on probation during its first semester of existence. The chairperson of every campus organization is required to submit a written report to the Student Activities   Committee at the end of every semester. Failure to submit this report and/ or show ineffective implementation of the group’s program during the preceding semester will be a ground for   denial of recognition for the next school year. For campus organizations to be officially recognized, they should meet the following criteria:

  1. The objectives should help uphold and preserve the ideals embodied in the SCC Credo and promote academic  excellence in the campus. In particular, organizations must contribute to the welfare of the campus and community and must promote the development of skills or creative interest.
  2. Organizations must submit a written report of the activities of the group as well as the financial report to the SAC every semester.
  3. Recognized campus organizations may enjoy the following privileges:

– support for projects/programs

– the use of local facilities

– support or human resource development programs such as Leadership training, etc.

  1. New organizations on probation may enjoy the privileges mentioned above during the first semester of existence.
  2. Organizations conducting initiations should conform with the ideals of SCC. Invitation of new recruits for membership is governed by a set of rules and regulations. The following are the guidelines:
    1. All campus organizations intending to hold initiation for new members must apply for permission from the SAC.
    2. The application for permission must be accomplished with the list of recruits to be initiated and the plan of initiation.
    3. HAZING IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. Each organization is expected to be constructive and educational values in planning their respective programs. The organization’s set of officers and advisers are responsible for the physical welfare of every neophyte, recruit or pledgee during the initiation proceedings.
    4. All initiations must be undertaken within the limits of the campus only. The adviser/s of the organization and a SAC representative must be present in all initiation   proceedings.
    5. The initiation period for any organization should not   exceed two (2) weeks. Any violation of these policies will subject the individual members to disciplinary action and the offending organization for immediate suspension.
  3. Supervision and coordination of campus club/organization shall be undertaken by the Student Affairs Director.
  4. Organization should be evaluated at the end of every semester.

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