High School Department


The SCC High School, in partnership with the community will be a model of quality education that will develop the unique abilities and the multiple intelligence of every student.


The SCC High School inspires and educates all students to achieve their full potential and be responsible, respectful, productive and sterling citizen.


Key Indicators of SCC High School Quality Education:

Every student will have a well-rounded education that is preparatory for tertiary education and for the fulfillment of his or her goals in life.The top 10% of each class can compete with other students in Cotabato in musical-literary contest, academic contest, etc.Eighty-five percent (85%) of the students of each level meet quality standards required in the next higher level.One hundred percent (100%) involvement and support of children in meeting the school’s standards and core values.All students meet the school’s core values.


Core Values of the SCC High School


A commitment and obligation to attain established expectation


An imaginative method in problem solving that encourages new and innovative approaches within the boundaries of appropriate behavior.


Critical Thinking (Analyzing, Synthesizing, Evaluation)
The ability to analyze information, to break it down into its component parts, and evaluate the options that result in the plan of action.


Striving for and achieving quality performance.


To be truthful and worthy of trust.


Involvement and Teamwork
The willingness to volunteer effectively participate in a team and work towards a common goal.


Being considerate of others.

Special Examination

Students who are not able to take examination as scheduled will have to pay P10.00 per subject at the Treasurer’s Office. Parents and teachers should be informed for a duration of one week after the exam.

Requirement for Graduation

Graduating students must apply through the Principal two weeks after the beginning of the semester. Forms for application are available at the Registrar’s Office.

Selection of Honors Students

The class honors award is granted to the first two highest ranking students in every year provided the student has no grade lower than 85 from the first grading period with an average grade of at least 85%. The class recognition ribbon is pinned on high school students who do not qualify for class honors award but they belong to the highest 10% of the total class enrollment minus drop-outs having no grade lower than 85 from the first grading period and an average grade of at least 85%.
Policies covering granting of honors as well as select of students are formulated by the Honor’s Committee.

Grading System

A grade is the representation in numerical value of the class performance of the student. the highest is 100% and the lowest is 70%, with 75% as the minimum passing mark. The cumulative system of grading system is used. except for the first grading, the grade for one period is cumulated with the previous period with weight of 2/3 given to present and the weight of 1/3 for the previous grades. No scholastic credit shall be given to a student for participating in co and extra-curricular activities except if the activity is directly related to the subject. The recommended criteria for marking in each subject in percentage allocation are as follows:


40%  Class Standing(quizzes)
30%  Project
20%  Term test
10%  Affective


Conduct grade will be computed based n the grades submitted by each subject area teacher with the exception of those with disciplinary cases. Promotion will be by subject.


Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend classes regularly. Absences will be excused only for valid reasons.Readmission to classes after an absence requires the presentation of a parent’s or guardian’s note to the Principal, stating the reason for the absence. Ten successive absences may cause a student to be dropped. Absences due to illness must be reported with Medical certificate. Excused absences entitle students to make-up work.



Students who drop/withdraw from the class/school must have to present a note from parents before dropping. Withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office must be accomplish and signed by the subject teachers and heads of involved offices. Reason/s for withdrawing / dropping must also be stated in the form.

Vocational Education Program

Southern Christian College has adopted the RBEC as mandated by the DepEd. It provides vocational courses in all level from first to fourth years. In the first and second year, both and girls explore vocational course offerings with the purpose of choosing one course to specialize in the remaining years of high school. This is in addition to the regular academic load, which prepares them for college work. the specialization course in vocational education in third and fourth years aims to develop in the student the necessary skills for gainful employment should he/she drop out of school or find himself in a situation where he/sh cannot pursue college education


Report Cards

Report cards are released periodically for the information of both parents and students. Due to inadequate mail service, parents are invited to visit the school regularly and inquire at the Principle’s Office about the progress of their children in their studies. At the end of each grading period, parents are invited to a homeroom meeting wherein the report cards will be distributed.

 Student Loan Fund

Students who could not pay their tuition fees/cottage rental on examination day may borrow from the Student Loan Fund without interest in a period of one a half months. Beyond one month, they pay interest of 1.5% per month. the loan application must be personally submitted by the parent or guardian of the student concerned to the principal. This fund was created during the school year 1975-1976 from the P100.00 contribution of High School students for the purpose of assisting those who could not meet their financial obligations during the period.


High School PTA

In order to bridge the gap between the home and the school and to establish closer relationship between those agencies that play a vital role in the shaping of lives and values among the youth, the HSPTA has been organized and meets twice a year for mutual benefit. The Board meets monthly and special meetings may be called anytime. An annual due of P50.00 is collected from the High School teachers and per family member regardless of the number of the students enrolled.


School Uniform

Prescribed uniform must be worn every Monday,Tuesday,Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is set as free day. Wearing of slippers, short pants, sleeveless shirts and sandos is strictly prohibited.  

Prescribed uniform for boys: 

* White polo shirt with SCC seal printed at the pocket on the left side
* White undershirt
* Black slacks
* Black leather shoes
* Crew-cut haircut


  Prescribed uniform for girls: 

* White jacket style with baby collar blouse
* Blue pleated skirt
* White Blue necktie with SCC seal
* White socks
* Black Shoes


As per DECS memorandum No 263, series of 1994, students who are active in the boy and girl scout movements are required to wear their official scout uniforms during Friday and are therefore exempted in wearing their school uniform during that day.



 All students are expected to attend religious convocations and cultural programs. These are intended to develop their potentials, moral character, and social awareness. Homeroom advisers sit down with their advisers during convocations.


Homeroom Organizations

Homeroom as a requirement for graduation is scheduled for all classes from the first to fourth year. Well-planned activities play an important role in the life of students.
Part of this activity is the organization of the homeroom PTA in which the elected chairman automatically becomes a member of the PTA Board.


Flag Ceremony

All High School students are required to attend the flag ceremony, which ushers in and ends the week’s activities. This is held during Mondays and Fridays. Each section from the first year to the fourth year is given a chance to lead a flag raising activity.


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