Graduate School


The Graduate School exists to respond to the needs of many managers and leaders of service institutions for professional advancement through a continuing professional education and earning a master’s degree. It is committed to train administrators and managers to be more creative, innovative, competent, and developmental in thinking and action.


  1. To provide advance professional training and continuing education to classroom teachers, school administrators and managers of public and private agencies.
  2. To stimulate and encourage critical and creative thinking.
  3. To provide students with resources and opportunities to pursue academic excellence.
  4. To advance the frontiers of knowledge through research work, and apply the technology gained for improving the quality of human life and responding effectively to the changing societal needs and conditions. To stimulate a sense of service and commitment to help the underprivileged in society.



Doctor of Education(Ed.D)
Master of Arts in Education Management(Accredited Level II 5 years by ACSCU-AAI and granted Level III status by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines (FAAP), August 2012 – April 2016)
Master of Arts in Education Management major in Curriculum and Instruction (Accredited Level II 5 years by ACSCU-AAI and granted Level III status by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines (FAAP), August 2012 – April 2016)
Master in Management major in Public Administration
Master in Managementmajor inBusiness Administration 
Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS)

Information on Tuition and Other Fees:

Refund of Fees

Refund is made according to the following provisions of the Manual of Regulations for Private School (1992) Section 66; “A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws, in writing, within two weeks after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other fees in full, or for any length of time beyond one month may be charged ten percent (10%) of the total amount due for the term if he or she withdraws after the first week of classes. However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to a justifiable reason, the student shall be charged pertinent fees only up to, and including the last month of attendance.

Classification of Students:

Regular Students

Regular students are those who follow regular requirements for class attendance, examinations, and course sequence. They are the students who have the intention to earn degree. The regular students carry a full-time load of 12 units per semester or a part-time load of 9 units or below per semester.

Probationary Students

Students on probation are those who do not have the necessary admission requirements. After compliance with the prescribed admission requirements, and after successfully completing 18 units, they may be formally admitted to the program upon recommendation of the admission committee and upon approval of the Dean.

Attendance, Awards and Grading System:


Regular attendance in all class session is required. For a 3 unit course, the requirement is 54 student contact hours. A maximum of three (3) absences or ten hours during the semester and two (2) absences or six hours during the summer term are allowed but discourage.

A student who is employed should present a travel order and/or certification of attendance upon return if he/she is sent to a seminar/training on an official business. In view of this, the instructor and the student can arrange for a make-up class or its equivalent.

A student who incurs more than the above number of absences is given a grade of 3.0 in the subject, unless previously cleared in writing by the Dean. Such a written clearance from the Dean should be submitted to the instructor.

 Grading System

The Following grading system is used in the Graduate School:

1.00  97 – 100 2.00    81 – 84 Passing
1.25         93 – 96 Below 2.00 Subject to audit
1.50 89 – 92 Withdrawn
1.75 85 – 88    

Retention Policy, A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.75

Removal of Incomplete (INC)

An INC grade is given to students for non-submission of a term paper or other course requirements, or for failure to take the final examinations. Student should complete the requirements for the course within one semester.The student gets a grade completion form from the Registrar’s Office and submits the said form to the instructor. The student concerned is advised to follow-up his/her completion forms with his/her respective instructors to ensure that they are submitted to the Registrar’s Office within the specified time limit of one year.


Graduation with honors. Candidates who have taken all subjects in the SCC Graduate School with GPA ranging from 1.00 – 1.15, including the comprehensive examination but have no grades lower than 1.5 shall be graduated with honors; 1.0 – 1.05 with highest distinction, 1.06 – 1.10, with high distinction and 1.11 -1.15 with distinction. This will be awarded during the annual honors day.

Transfer of Credits

Graduate subjects taken from other graduate schools may be credited provided that such subjects have equivalent courses.Such transfer of credits is subject to the evaluation and approval of the Dean. A maximum of 12 units taken from the other graduate schools will be credited in the SCC Graduate School.

 Course Loads

A full-time student may enroll in a maximum of twelve(12) units during the semester and nine(9) units during summer. A part-time student may enroll in a maximum of nine (9) during the semester.

Comprehensive Examinations

A student should take the comprehensive examinations after he/she has passed all the basic and major courses. the schedule of comprehensive examinations is set once a semester. Passing the comprehensive examinations for the course is a prerequisite to the thesis writing and oral defense. The student must secure the application to take the examination.The student must take the examination in all the areas in one testing period.

Thesis Requirements

The MA EdMgt and the MA EdMgt major in curriculum and Instruction have thesis requirement. The MMBA and MMPA require a paper and an oral comprehensive examination. The paper takes the place of the thesis.Once the student has passed the comprehensive examination, he/she may now enroll in thesis writing.

Thesis Proposal Hearing

After completing all the academic requirements and passing the comprehensive examination, and upon recommendation of the adviser and approval of the Dean, the student may apply at the Dean’s Office for the title defense.

Oral Defense

The candidate for oral defense makes the necessary arrangements with the Graduate School for the date, time, and place of defense.Seven unbound copies of the thesis should be submitted to the Graduate School two weeks before the scheduled oral examination.Master’s degree candidates are given three years to finish their thesis.Submission to the Registrar’s Office of seven (7) copies of the approved thesis is a prerequisite for obtaining an official transcript of records, special order, and diploma.


Graduation Requirements:

The requirements for graduation are the following:
a.Completion of all courses in the curricula with a cumulative grade point average of 1.75.
b. Passing the written comprehensive examinations.
c. Passing the oral thesis defense (for MA in Educational Management).
d. Submission of the following Documents to the Registrar’s Office;
d.1 Admission Credentials
d.2 Seven (7) copies of bound thesis
d.3 Seven copies of thesis abstract
e. Settlement of all financial and other obligations to the institutions.
f. Fulfillment of residence requirement. All requirements for graduation should be completed within three (3) years from the last academic course. Appeals for extension must be addressed to the Dean.

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