Elementary Training Department


Southern Christian College Elementary Training Department believes that every child is a child of God. Therefore, in his/her progression from one stage of growth to another, he/she is to be treated as such:

The Elementary Training Department exist to assist each child to develop his potential in the basic skills, critical awareness, and creative action and participation. In keeping with the goals of College, we shall work and pool efforts to:

  1. Equip each child the basics and skills necessary for a life of continuous learning and further education;
  2. Train the pupils the art or decision-making and responsible, dynamic leadership;
  3. Inculcate a sense of awareness and involvement in the transformation of their immediate environment;
  4. Manifest to their level of maturity the presence of God as a loving Father and knowledge of the basic Christian teachings and practices by actualizing them in their lives;
  5. Instill in moral values, love of country, countrymen and culture and train them to be morally upright citizens and responsible leaders of the school, of the community and of the nation as a whole, grounded on faith, character and service;
  6. Provide opportunities for pupils to learn and practice basic health habits of cleanliness, will develop wholesome, healthy, wise and competent personality;
  7. Appreciate the cultural and historical heritage of the Filipino people in order to strengthen the pupil’s sense of pride and patriotism;
  8. Develop pupil’s personal discipline and character training in order to maintain and improve desired social behavior.
  9. Instill in the child the value of love of work in the home and in the community;
  10. Acquire the necessary concepts, attitudes and skills in music and art; and
  11. Realize the need to develop and conserve our natural and human resources.

Grading System

A grade is a representation in numerical value of the class performace of the pupil. the highest is 100% and the lowest passing mark is 75%. the cumulative grading system is used.

The grades are cumulative, with the previous period given a weight of 1/3 plus 2/3 of the present grade.

Percentage Allocation

Class Standing     40%
 It includes: Quizzes  20%  
  Recitation 10%  
  Homework 10%  
Periodical Test     30%
Project     10%
Affective     10%
Percentage allocation varies as to the nature of the subject.
Grade in Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) is computer based on the grades submitted by each subject area teacher in a particular grade.

On Probation

Any pupil with failing grades within the school year will be placed under probation. At the end of each grading, teachers will submit names and grades of pupils with failing grades to the committee.

Class Attendance

All pupils are required to attend classes regularly. They are required to come to school on time and go home after the class is dismissed.


Any pupil who enter the class ten (10) minutes after the bell rings is considered late. Pupils who have been late three (3) times will be marked absent. No pupils should be taken out from classroom during school hours without any written permission from the parent/guardian to the adviser or the principal.

Outstanding Pupils of the Year

Pupils performance during the year, may it be academic or co-curricular activities are evaluated by a committee to determine the outstanding pupils of the year in these categories.
Subject Proficiency Awards:    
Best in Math Best in Filipino 
Best in Science Best in Spelling 
Best in English Wide Reader 
Pupils performance during the year, may it be academic or co-curricular activities are evaluated by a committee to determine the outstanding pupils of the year in these categories.

Co-curricular  Awards

Major Award: Leadership/Service
Minor Awards: Declaimer of the Year
  Dancer of the Year
  Athlete of the Year
  Scout of the Year
  Singer of the Year
  Orator of the Year

Recognition Program

To provide more incentive, a Recognition is held to recognize the top ten honor pupils from Grade 1-VI every grading period.
Parents/Guardians are encourage to attend this program to give moral support to the honorees. Honor Certificates are awarded for this purposes.

 Classification of Awards

The Southern Christian College Honors Award is presented to students/pupils who have been consistent in the honor roll and are graduating with honors.
After all the criteria had been considered the graduating pupils with honors will be ranked as follows.
  • Valedictorian
  • Salutatorian
  • First Honorable Mention
  • Second Honorable Mention
  • Third honorable Mention
The Elementary Class Honors Award is granted to the first two highest non-graduating pupils provided he/she ha no grade lower than 80 in the third grading and the average is not lower 85.
The Class Recognition Ribbon is awarded to pupils who belong to the top three to ten in each class. They should have no grade lower than 80 in the third Grading and the average is not lower than 85.

Suspension and Dismissal

Any violation of school rules and regulations is punishable by suspension or outright dismissal from school. However, prior to meeting out this punishment of dismissal, the pupils are given all chances of redeeming themselves through counseling, the pupils are given all chances of redeeming themselves through counseling, warnings, notification to parents. Carrying bladed weapons, stealing, vandalism-intentionally destroying school properly, any violent act of defiance against school personnel, gambling in any form, cutting classes, irregularly of attendance are punishable with suspension or dismissal.

Remedial Measures

Remedial teachings are extended to pupils especially in Grades I-II, who have difficulties in reading or in other subjects without pay.

Cutting Classes

A pupil is considered cutting if he is present in some subject but absent in other subjects. He/she is subject to disciplinary action.

Elementary School Uniform

All pupils should come to school neat and clean in complete uniform. They are required to wear the prescribed uniform the whole week, except Wednesday. 
They should were white T-shirt with school seal and khaki shorts or long pants. Black shoes with socks are preferable.
Girls Should wear white blouse with baby collar. the skirt is royal blue with front and black pleats. Black shoes with white socks are preferable.

Identification Cards (I.D.)

All pupils are required to secure I.D cards from the Registrar’s Office. They are required to wear their I.D card upon entering the school and while inside the campus and classrooms. the Id card is shown to the security guards for proper identification when needed. Pupils are prohibited to lend their I.D cards to anybody. They will be subject to disciplinary action if they do so.



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