College of Theology envisions a society where the people of God are united with the whole creation in the conciliar process for justice, humane society and integrity of creation.


Being the center for theological and ecclesial formation, the College of Theology is committed to an evangelical, holistic, theological education which embraces a process of learning; to know, to do, to live together, and to be in the context of servanthood for sustainable development.


  • To prepare students and church workers as agents of personal ecclesial, and social transformation through theoretical grinding and field exposure;
  • To provide an evangelical and apostolic theological underpinnings that are broad, interdisciplinary, biblical and theological sound;
  • To infuse students and church workers with a culture of a scholarly theological in society, especially between and among Tri-people communities in Mindanao which includes the Muslims, Lumads and Christians;
  • To include and practice the virtues of caring and sharing and cooperation through action-reflection-action using the service-learning paradigm;
  • To create a venue for theological education in which the culture of research, consultations, theological discussions, dialogue and exchange programs among faculty and students may be enhanced; and
  • To expose students and church workers to a climate of ecumenical and church workers to a climate of ecumenical and dialogue in local context as baseline formation in relation to other contexts.

Course Offerings:

  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Special Program: Master in Ministry

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