The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the development of all the faculties keenly discerning the relative and lasting value of what constitute true education for a full and adequate preparation for this life.


  • Commit for the realization of the vision-mission of Southern Christian College.
  • Perform the role as channels of Christ’s work in the department and improvement of the moral and ethical conduct of the society as  a whole.
  • Equip with the basic tools in learning to prepare himself for an effective participation in the community if not in the governance of the basic unit of society-the family.
  • Use of tool subjects for the solution of personal and social problems and in the pursuit of truth.
  • Appreciate and enjoy things in life as expressed in the arts and literature by being creative in new and better ways of doing things.

Course Offerings:

  • Bachelor of Arts (AB) major in English, Mathematics, Biology, History, Filipino, and General Education (Accredited with ACSCU-AAI, Level II 5 years)
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

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