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#‎ACCREDITATION‬: Our alumni is here in full force during the meeting with accreditors. We are happy to see you again!


SCC welcomes everyone to the Gethsemane Alumni Center Pavilion and Ampitheater. With the outpouring love and support of the SCC Alumni here and abroad, SCC is able to build a home for its alumni to utilize.(Photo by SCC-MPCD) ‪#‎KARAGSAKAN2015‬ ‪#‎SCC66‬‪#‎ILOVESCC‬


With the outpouring love and support from our generous alumni, friends and partners the Alumni Pavillion and Amphitheater at the SCC Nature Farm the “GETHSEMANE ALUMNI CENTER”.


#‎ALUMNIPAVILLION‬: With the outpouring love and support from our generous alumni, we are seeing major developments in their banner project- the Alumni Pavillion and Amphitheater at the SCC Nature Farm. See you on October 4 2015 as we dedicate another blessing to the Lord. SCC leads the way! Mabuhay Alumni. (All photos by the SCC Office of the President)

AlumniPavillion Photos by the SCC Office of the President



Here are the latest photo we can share from the ongoing works at the Alumni Pavilion and Amphitheater project at the Nature Farm. Thank you for your continuing support alumni!


With the outpouring support and commitment of SCC Alumni here in the Philippines and all around the world, the Alumni and Friends Association begins the construction of its flagship project, a landmark that will manifest their love to their Alma Mater, introducing the Alumni Pavilion and Amphitheater. Soon to rise under the canopy of the Mahogany trees at the SCC Nature Farm.

The construction started yesterday, June 29 2015. SCC President Dr. Edwin T. Balaki and Alumni Director Randy Moralde were present at the site yesterday. Look! (Photo by SCC- MPCD)


#‎SCCPAVILION‬. The Office of the Alumni Director showed the architectural perspective of the proposed SCC Alumni Pavilion to be constructed at the SCC Nature Farm. With the outpouring of generous support and love of the SCC Alumni all over the world, this dream will finally come to reality. Look!




THROWBACK is not a thing of the past but great memories captured in photographs will always remain special and nostalgic. Look at the members of the SCC high school batch 1961 as they travel down memory lane at the SCC Photo Gallery Exhibit. You can also enjoy looking at what was SCC before and how it transformed through the years. Visit the exhibit at the CECD Office (formerly FITS Center) and be amazed. (6 photos from SCC Facebook)




Thank you so much for the presence of everyone during this year’s Anniversary Banquet. We made it because of your presence. Congratulations SCC!

ALUMNI PROJECT LAUNCHING: The Alumni Pavilion and Ampitheater at the Nature Farm

The SCC Alumni and Friends Association launched its biggest project yet- the Alumni Pavilion and Ampitheater at the Nature Farm. Look at these photos and see who among your batch mates were present. (7 photos from SCC Facebook)