April 21, 2014, 2:35 p.m.

MIDSAYAP, COTABATO— SCC President Dr. Edwin T. Balaki together with Rev. Solomon Rivas travel to Myanmar today April 21 up to April 25.

Believing that the invitation to speak outside the country is a “fulfillment of the school’s fruits of evangelism”, Dr. Balaki started his journey for a two-day speaking engagement before the institutional and school heads of the Association of Theological Education in Myanmar (ATEM) in Yangon, Myanmar’s capital city.

In an interview which the President granted before leaving at 10:00, Dr. Balaki said he was invited to share the experiences of Southern Christian College to around 40 conference participants. According to the President, the invitation was made by the Executive Secretary of ATEM, Dr. Lal Hre Tin. Dr. Balaki said Dr. Tin learned about SCC’s productive ministries when he visited SCC as part of the accrediting team from the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA). ATESEA assessed the Theology program of Southern Christian College in 2014.

Since then, the ATEM’s Executive Secretary became interested in the works and ministries of Southern Christian College and initiated to invite Dr. Balaki to Myanmar and share his ideas that led to SCC’s abundance.

“self- sustainable ministries”

The President’s message will center on the central theme about self- sustainable ministries among Christian schools. This will be divided on the topics including Basic Teaching for Man to Serve God, Self- sustainable Project Ministries in Southern Christian College including the egg production, mineral water, Saranay feed mill program, innovative solar driers, fruit juice production and the SCC Nature Farm. A workshop on project proposal writing which aims to source funds will also be part of Dr. Balaki’s message.

Together with Dr. Balaki is Rev. Solomon Rivas, faculty of the College of Theology. Rev. Rivas will serve as the leader in the conference devotions and will also meet up and fellowship with other theological scholars and leaders of Myanmar. Rev. Rivas said he is excited for the trip.

Works to continue

While he is away, works are expected to continue inside the campus and in the Nature Farm, the President said. The Elementary Building is now on its final stage of construction and is set to be dedicated on June 5, the works for the creation of the 200 meter running track and the multipurpose hall at the Nature Farm are also continuing and are expected to be completed on time.

ATEM as an ecumenical endeavor is comprised of thirty-three seminaries representing the eleven major denominations all across Myanmar. Part of its objectives includes helping to upgrade theological institutions and promote relevant theological education that will help equip God’s people for the mission and ministry.

Myanmar also known as Burma is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, suffering from decades of unproductivity and isolation. The lack of an educated workforce skilled in modern technology hinders Burma’s economy. The major agricultural product is rice, which covers about 60% of the country’s total cultivated land area. (scc-mpcd-jkballentes, all photos by SCC-MPCD)

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