MIDSAYAP, COTABATO— Some 100 students of the National Service Training Program of Southern Christian College embarked on a two-day leadership journey here beginning today.

Three NSTP sections under the component of Community Welfare and Training Service was the first group to hold an overnight leadership camp at the newly developed SCC Nature Farm making the woods and the other parts of the recreational complex its home and venue to learn the concept of leadership.

In his opening message, SCC President Dr. Edwin T. Balaki oriented the participants of the recent developments that are taking place at the 16-hectare land area of which all are under his supervision. These developments include the first five-hectare-phase covering the riverpools, the cottage area, the woods and the training center areas.

The President relayed to the student-campers that the development of the SCC Nature Farm is part of the fulfillment of SCC vision to promote an ecologically balanced ecology that enhances quality of life.

The 63-year-old leader also shared to the student-campers his view on leadership especially for the young generation. The President emphasized that in order to become effective leaders of the future, the students, young as they are, must engage in many learning opportunities in order to equip themselves with the necessary tools which they will soon need. Lack of enough and sufficient knowledge

Rodhel Mapada, one of the NSTP facilitators spearheading the activity said the NSTP Joint Leadership camp was realized to provide venue for the students to enhance their leadership skills. As mandated by law, the role must play a vital role in nation-building. As future leaders, they must be trained with the right knowledge, attitudes and skills.

The student-campers will undergo a series of lectures, challenge courses and group sharing sessions in the next two days. They will also have a chance to interact with other students form different college. They will also have a chance to enjoy the cool waters of the riverpools as part of their activities. The camp speakers include Mr. Karl Ballentes, the schools media and promotions officer, Ms. Dee Bat-og, community educator and Mr. Rodhel Mapada, social science faculty.# (scc-mpcd)

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