January 23, 2015, 4:59 p.m.

MIDSAYAP, COTABATO— In what is seen to be a beginning of a stronger partnership to come, an executive of the Department of Education cannot hide his delight and said they are mesmerized by the developments they have seen happening at Southern Christian College.

Department of Education Cotabato Division Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Miguel Fillalan, CESE, expresses his amusement Friday, January 23, 2015 to SCC President Dr. Edwin T. Balaki after visiting some of SCC’s banner projects. Fillalan headed the group of schools administrators and teachers from all of the private schools in the province of Cotabato during the tour to some of SCC’s projects.

The group was led to the SCC poultry farm, innovative solar driers and the Nature Farm river pools and cottages as part of their itinerary during the COPRISATEA’s (Cotabato Private Schools Schools Administrators and Teachers Association) general assembly held today at Southern Christian College.

The group of administrators and visitors has seen the existing poultry project which is raising some 7,000 chicken layers producing fresh eggs and being sold to the market. This also serves as one of SCC’s income generating projects.


The innovative solar driers were also introduced to the group where most of them expressed their appreciation to the efficient technology of drying rice grains.


The final stop of the group was at the SCC Nature Farm. It is there where they have seen Dr. Balaki leading the group of personnel in the ongoing works at the area. After seeing the beautiful landscapes, the river pools and the cottages, most of the visitors uttered their appreciation to such wonderful creation made by Southern Christian College.


According to Mrs. Dana Sue Rojo, SCC High School Principal and COPRISATEA President, the goal of the tour was to show the improvements being done in SCC to our local partners in the private education sector and to the Department of Education.

In his opening remarks during the opening ceremony held at the SCC Audio- Visual, Dr. Balaki said that the ongoing works at the Nature Farm is part of achieving SCC’s vision for a well- balanced ecology that enhances quality of life among the community. He also thanked the COPRISATEA for choosing SCC as host of its general assembly.

DepED’s schools division superintendent Omar Obas also came later to join the group’s assembly.# (scc-mpcd-jkballentes)


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