December 19, 2014, 2:25 p.m.

MIDSAYAP, COTABATO— Everyone was happy, just the best way to end a very good year.

In what could have been the most joyful way to celebrate the yuletide season, the entire SCC academic community together with the members of the Board of Trustees gathered in the best venue there is to celebrate Christmas today December 18.

Some 250 faculty and staff, invited guests from Poblacion Barangay Council, members of the SCC Board of Trustees and SCC’s first family celebrated in the happiest and grandest way at the newly dedicated SCC Nature Farm.

Dressed in red and green, members of the SCC faculty and staff presented their sing and dance performance on the improvised stage situated beside on of the river pools at the Nature Farm.

“At first, we were doubtful whether Dr. Balaki’s plan will make it on time”

In his message, honourable vice mayor of Carmen town and chairman of the SCC Board of Trustees Moises O. Arendain praised SCC President Dr. Edwin T. Balaki for the efforts he made in accomplishing some parts of the on-going development work at the 16 hectare land of SCC. We (members of the board) cannot believe what are seeing, Arendain said. At first, we were doubtful whether Dr. Balaki’s plan will make it on time, but as we are seeing, it is beautifully done, he added.

Arendain also thank the members of the SCC family because for the first time, members of the Board of Trustees were invited to join the Christmas celebration of SCC.

In his Christmas message, SCC President Dr. Edwin T. Balaki emphasized that what we are doing in God’s ministry in SCC is like carrying His cross, it might be heavy but if we find joy, then we can all work together to manifest His blessings to Southern Christian College.

Just two months after the biggest projects of the year were dedicated last October, another set of development at Southern Christian College was also dedicated and blessed today.

Four more

Earlier today day at the SCC Nature Farm, SCC President Dr. Edwin T. Balaki revealed that four more works are to be dedicated and blessed. These are the poultry project expansion adding 2,500 chicken layers more to the original 5,000, the Nature Farm Training Center 2 that will include an attic and a restaurant at the basement, the Product Development Building at the College Hill and Dr. Balaki’s banner project- the SCC Nature Farm River pools.

Poultry expansion, training center 2, product development building

The President said that after tedious work and effort, these projects are finally set to be enjoyed by the SCC community and in extension the public. The expansion of the poultry project came about as demands for fresh eggs in the market grew in the last two years, making the President decide to add more layers to address the growing demands.

The building of the second training center started in October. This is to provide a venue for bigger groups that will hold their activities at the Nature Farm. According to the President, the second training center will be twice as huge as the first that can accommodate up to 50 people, it will have its own training hall, accommodation rooms for male and female, an attic and a restaurant at the basement. The training center will provide a nature- friendly atmosphere and a cozy ambiance for the guests.

In August 8 this year, the groundbreaking of the SCC Product Development Center took place and now after four months it will also be dedicated today. The Product Development Center was built to comply with government standards in products development. This will now hub the manufacturing of the SCC products to include the calabash wine, buko pie, coco sugar and white vinegar.

Shaped by nature, beautified by Southern Christian College

One of the most highly anticipated projects is the SCC Nature Farm Riverpools. Shaped by nature and beautified by Southern Christian College, these water aesthetics will be one of the main attractions at the 16- hectare nature complex. According to the President, three out of five pools are to be dedicated today. These swimming pools take the shape of the ravines in the area so these are naturally shaped as fresh water flows down from the source. The water is not treated so it remains to be fresh and natural. The pools are enclosed by beautifully planted coconut trees, rambutan and other ornamental plants that add up to its natural beauty.

Life-size animals like giraffe, horse, crocodile and bullfrogs are also found in the area. Dr. Balaki said the Nature Farm will depict the Garden of Eden as related in the Book of Genesis. The development of the SCC Nature Farm is living up with the Vision and Mission of SCC on promoting an agro-industrial development towards a balanced ecology that enhances quality of life, the President added.

Faculty and staff Christmas party

While the dedication and blessing of the river pools are to be held today, the grand opening will not take place until after three months. Dr. Balaki said the grand opening for public use will be on March 2015. We are just 30% finished with what God plans to do here at the Nature Farm, he said.

The first major activity to be held at the Nature Farm was the Christmas Party of the SCC Faculty and Staff after the rounds of dedications and blessing rites of the other projects.

In October this year in the celebration of the 65th Foundation Anniversary, SCC also dedicated major projects to include the SCC Fellowship Center, the TVET Skyrooms, the Xenia Joy Garden, Quality Assurance Center and the Cafeteria Expansion.

Dr. Balaki said these projects are manifestations of God’s love for Southern Christian College. The President hopes that through these, the sons and daughters of the Lord may see His fullness and mercy and will be grateful for Him.

Dr. Balaki is SCC President since July 2012 and major developments in SCC took place thereafter. (scc-mpcd-jkballentes, all photos by SCC-MPCD)

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