MIDSAYAP, COTABATO— Undoubtedly, the last two and a half years under Dr. Edwin T. Balaki’s leadership, SCC has reached new horizons under his equipping and sunshine ministries but surprisingly it does not end there.

In a brief but powerful message during the Monday Morning Devotion, earlier today, the President revealed two more ministries under his dynamic and productive leadership.

Ministry of appreciation

Dr. Balaki calls for the SCC academic community, to first, free themselves from the bondage of criticisms and instead live in the ministry of appreciation. The President said while SCC have reached great endeavors in the past years, there are still some that prefers to criticize or comment rather than appreciate what is accomplished and achieved.

During the celebration of SCC’s 65th year foundation anniversary, in an unprecedented event, five major projects were dedicated and opened- the Skyrooms at the roof deck of the TecVoch building, the Xenia Joy garden between the high school building and the AVC hall, the Cafeteria Extension area, the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center at the administration building and the historic opening of the new SCC Fellowship center. The groundbreaking for the construction of the new Elementary Building also commenced in October 1.

On October 8, 2014, partners from both private and government entities made their way to SCC for the launching of SCC’s Fruits of Salvation such as the Blue and Gold Products and SCC sa Barangay extension program. The event highlighted SCC’s strength in research and extension which is manifested in the development of its research outputs. SCC is now known for its products such as the calabash wine, buko pie, mineral water, white vinegar, coco sugar, fresh eggs and innovative agricultural devices such as the SCC palay harvester, gender-friendly mower and solar driers.

Government and private representatives lauded the efforts of SCC in manifesting its presence not only for the benefit of its direct clients but also for those in the wider community.

These are few of the many reasons why we should be thankful and learn to appreciate, the President said.

Ministry of punctuality

The second ministry that the President bared is the attitude of punctuality. Dr. Balaki is known for being on time. Whenever he is invited in many events as speaker or the one to give an opening remark, the President is never late.

The President said, this is the ministry that he will never be tired of encouraging the members of the SCC community. “Free yourself from being prisoners of tardiness”, the President added.
Future plans

Still part of his message, Dr. Balaki also congratulated the SCC community for the successful conduct of the 65th founding anniversary celebration. “With such resounding success, we have become the talk of the town”, he said.

He also announced other projects to be initiated such as the excavation of additional deep well, water pumps and installation of a bigger water tank to supply the growing demands for water in the offices and other facilities inside the campus. The construction of the elementary building is also in full-swing with some old buildings already demolished.

Under the two new ministries, the President sees SCC under his leadership to soar greater heights towards its 66th year.

Dr. Edwin T. Balaki is SCC’s President since June of 2012. (scc-mpcd-jkballentes)

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